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With so many types and models, with different characteristics, choosing an Air Conditioner can be a real challenge. Once understanding your particular needs and usage habits we can help fit you with the right system at a comfortable price.

S.E.E.R.= Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating This rating is applied to every Air Conditioner manufactured in North America and is a measure of how much electrical energy is used by the unit. Although a 2 Ton (24,000 btu) cooling AC may be adequate for a typical 2000 square foot home, different models can have varying levels of hydro usage to cool your home.

13 S.E.E.R. = The former industry standard. A great affordable choice for those individuals or families who use Air Conditioning sparingly and do not see a significant spike in hydro usage during the summer months.

16 S.E.E.R. = The current industry standard. For those who use Air Conditioning regularly and adjust programs on their thermostat so the unit continually maintains a dehumidified comfortable temperature in the house.

Over the course of a summer, this type of system would render a significant savings in hydro usage. With proper maintenance to help achieve a lifetime of 15 to 20 years, the savings these units offer can easily help offset their initial expense.


FurnaceHigh Efficiency furnaces are the new industry standard delivering quiet multistage operation while effectively transfering over 90% of the heat produced by the burners, directly to your duct system.

Equipped with many safeties and controls, modern furncaces have never been more efficient and reliable. Whether a 92% efficient single stage model or and ultra efficient 97% 2 stage furnace, we always commit 100% to doing the best installation possible! While meeting all the current code requirements and taking extra steps to ensure a trouble free system, we are also careful to respect our customers home as if it were our own!


VentilationWith trusted brandnames like Lifebreath Vanee and Venmar, we can effectively condition your home by removing excess moisture and introducing fresh air to your living space. Heat Recovery Ventilation (HRV) is the process of storing heat from the air being removed from your house and injecting it into the fresh air coming in from outside. This is especially effective during winter months when fresh outside air is very cold but still a great source of fresh clean air.

Most new homes utilize this technology as a fundamental part of a home comfort system.


Whole home humidifiers from brands such as Generalaire and Honeywell are a great replacement for older out-of-date standing water systems. Instead of an awkward tray and wheel, water drips down and through a vertical pad..draining immediately out the bottom through a convenient hose. By upgrading to a Flow-Through system, these reliable and affordable units raise the humidity levels in your home during the winter months, protecting hardwood and improving comfort levels.

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