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Air Conditioner Repairs

Just because you may have been diagnosed with a leaking AC doesn’t necessarily mean you have to buy a new unit!

We affordably:

– Leak test, repair, vacuum and recharge many units that may have been icing up or blowing only warm air.

– Clean and inspect your Air Conditioning Indoor Coil and Outdoor Unit. Dirt, dust and grime causes lack of airflow which is the number 1 reason why AC units lose their efficiency!

Furnaces and Gas Appliances Installation and Repairs

Quick resolution of issues such as flame sensors, ignitors, fan motors, drainage and venting blockages and malfunction and many others. Every service visit includes our comprehensive safety check and inspection with documented reading and measurements.

We take safety seriously and help to offer peace of mind in your family’s home!


Have you got electric baseboard heating and are curious about adding a Forced Air system to your house?

Converting to Propane or Natural Gas heating can be drastically more efficient and affordable means of heating your home! We offer full installation of Ductwork throughout your home as well as everything required to convert to a gas service.

– Do you need a new heat run added to your home?

– Is the basement cold and uncomfortable? Installation of a Return Air vent will properly re-circulate and filter the air in the lower floor.

If you have ideas or plans for any moves or changes to your existing ductwork, we can help design and efficiently accomplish the work in surprisingly little time.

With an extensive portfolio tackling an array of specialty as well as standard ductwork changes, we can effectively meet your needs.

Feeling comfortable at home is important

At Climatrol we want to provide you with the highest quality home comfort system, while meeting your Individual needs and budget.


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  • A/C, Furnaces, Ductwork


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